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Welcome to your
Sinopec Canada Clothing Program

How Your Sinopec Canada Employee Program Works:
We will provide to you Exclusive Sinopec Canada branded clothing at reduced employee pricing. Sinopec Canada pays all freight, GST and half the price of the actual cost. Your final price is posted on this website.

Corporate Clothing Store:
All items are listed on this website. 

How to Order:
We want to make this easy for you. If you are interested in ordering clothing, just simply “add” the item(s) to your cart. Once you have clicked on the item, the website will prompt you to select the size and color.
A review of your items will be displayed in your cart and the system will prompt you to enter your Contact Information before finalizing. When you are all done shopping just press the Checkout Button.

NOTE: That due to the substantial selection of colors & sizes, you will only be able to add one item at a time to your cart. We pride ourselves and strive to complete our orders with minimal errors and in the most time sensitive fashion. However, due to the time and energy it requires to complete the process we are asking for your assistance. Please take the time to make your selections carefully and in ONE cart where possible.
 You can easily review everything that is in your cart (and make any changes) before you hit the checkout button.

NOTE: All Field Staff please enter the “name of the local Sinopec Canada office you work at” in the office number space at the end of your order. Your orders will be couriered to your local Sinopec office.

There is a chart posted in the store as well as a page on this website for your reference. Once you determine your size, and find the style you like, ordering the right fit should be fairly simple. The website will also show you all the colors that the item is available in.

Once you have finalized your order you will receive a confirmation via email. Should you notice an error AFTER you have submitted your cart please contact Kelly Countryman @ 587.952.5331. She will have your cart deleted and you can re-enter.


As long as items are not back ordered, Pending when your order was placed in that store order, You can expect delivery in 4-5 weeks. We only place orders every 2 weeks, and deliver will be another 2-3 weeks from the date the order closes.  Anyone requesting their order faster than standard turnaround will be responsible for air charges

In order to ensure you receive the correct order, you will receive a confirmation slip when your items are delivered. Each specific item also will be tagged with your name.

Can be made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Your credit card will be billed within two weeks of confirmation of your order to allow product verification. If there is no communication from Talbot Marketing within two weeks from placement of your order, the transaction will be processed. NOTE: Charges will appear as Talbot Marketing on your credit card statement.

Back Orders &/or Unavailable Stock:
Back Orders: All back order information is on each item if there is an issue. If we already know that an item is on backorder, the online store will notify you when you click on the item. You can then decide if you still want it (considering the time it will take to get here).
Unavailable Stock: At times there are certain colors/sizes/styles that will not be available. Unfortunately some orders may not be able to be filled entirely. If you have an item that will take more then a few weeks, we will contact you to find out if you a) want it and will wait or b) would like us to simply cancel the item and have your order/price adjusted accordingly. We will have an anticipated in-hand date to help you make your decision.


Clothing Embroidery- all noticeable tone on tone

All jackets left chest embroidery
All dress wear back of neck embroidery
All casual wear back of neck embroidery
All hoodies left sleeve embroidery
Men's and Ladies' pants bottom front of leg
Under Armour long sleeve shirts embroidered left sleeve

Returns: Due to the embroidery on each item all items are FINAL SALE and unable to be returned

* Please note that the GST will not be charged on your credit cards *


Talbot Marketing
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Lori Potestio
Customer Service Support 
383 Sovereign Road 
London, ON N6M 1A3
Phone: (519) 659-5862 ext. 281
Toll Free: 1-800-265-2607
Fax: (519) 659-7052


Vera Young
Account Representative
Tel: (403) 516-6001
Fax: (403) 516-6076 


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